Is COVID-19 affecting your business?

Unfortunately we are experience production delays due to government regulations and safety protocol during this time. Our production partner has had 2 of their 6 facilities shut down in certain states, and work shifts are smaller, as well as our production chain of certain colors/sizes being out from our garment partners. We're doing our best to get orders our as soon as possible. Our current average production time is 8 - 14 business days & in worse case scenarios if a color/size is delayed up to 21 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation once your order is produced. Thank you all for helping support our small business & we hope everyone is staying safe & well out there.

Are you legit?

Fuck Yes! That didn't convince you? Still have concerns? Read all the details from our founder here: Real Talk

Where do you ship from?

U.S.A 🇺🇸💯- Our designers are from Los Angeles & our on-demand manufacturing apparel partner has 6 state of the art facilities across the states

Why on-demand?

The Real Talk details will explain more, but in short, because it's better!

  • Eco-friendly - overproduction causes 30%+ of made clothes to never be sold & contribute to ~ 12.8 million tons of clothing sent to landfills/year
  • Quality - Our prints are made fresh & haven't been sitting for years
  • Design - We get to make new designs every week with greater creative freedom & detail

Are you a drop shipper?

No! Our on-demand process doesn't automatically make us a random drop shipper like tons of others out there. We know our select few partners and manage all our prints ourselves. Drop shippers sell available products from a catalogue that every other drop shipper is selling from (and usually from China). Nobody else can sell Maxed Level apparel & if they are it is fake

Why aren't your prices cheaper?

Our prices reflect our design quality 🔥 Our partner has decades of experience producing at scale for major brands & use industry leading Kornit printing technology.

Our Los Angeles designers are experts not only in design but streetwear fashion as well. The details, color payoffs, and style we provide are unrivaled.

So what happens after I place my order?

You just contributed to U.S. fair wage labor  & eco-friendly apparel 🙏. We send your order to our partner to get to work on your freshly made, sick AF one of a kind piece.

We know waiting sucks, but it's worth it, trust. Our average production time is 2 - 3 business days. After going through an extra quality check it gets shipped out with USPS ~ 3 - 5 business day shipping & you'll receive tracking details.

Why did my order take longer than 3 business days to ship?

Our average production time is 2 - 3 business days, but in rare cases it can take longer. Sometimes a color may be out of stock for a couple days, or we may be experiencing extremely high order volume.

If it's been longer than 6 business days and you still haven't received tracking details, please reach out to our team (not .com)